Best Tips for Make Ups Based on your Face-Shape

Best Tips for Make Ups Based on your Face-Shape

Make up is the best way to make a woman look better than actually they are. It makes them more attractive. Thus, it is a widely used method and also popular among the women across the globe. Even there are professional makeup parlours too to cater the needs of the women. At the parlours, the professional makeup artists help the women to get their desired look using highly sophisticated makeup materials.

At times, women apply make up at their home if they lack time to visit the makeup parlour or if they have the same materials at home to be used on their faces. Most of the time they do it by themselves, and consequently make them look ugly than actually they are. It mostly happens as they are not the professionals and lack ideas about how to use shades, and the other makeup materials.

Applying make ups on face is an art and everyone cannot be the artist. It needs lots of perseverance to apply make ups perfectly on a face. Many of the women are unaware that make ups should be applied on faces based on the shape of that particular face. Different types of faces need different make ups. If you have a rounded face and if you apply the makeup suitable for square face, definitely it will not suit you and you will look unattractive than without make ups.

Here are some tips for make ups based on your face shapes.

Oval Shape

Generally most of the faces for female are oval. The cheeks of the oval faces are wide than the temple. This is the ideal shape for women’s face. So, the face does not need a heavy make up to change the shape, rather you can apply make ups on the both sides of your cheek. Try to have the make up from the forehead to the lower part of your jaw. It will make you look beautiful.

Oblong or Plain Face

When the faces are plain or oblong, that looks a bit longer than usual faces. So, the length of the dace should be reduced for increasing the beauty. So, you can apply bronzer up to your jaw and after widening the bronzer, blush the upper part of your cheek. Make sure you have highlighted the upper portion of the cheek too. It will help to make a balance between the eyes and your face.

Square Faces

When the faces are square, it looks like the woman is carrying a wide face. So, the face should be made oval to get a good look. The makeup should be applied through the cheek, both sides of the nose and will end at the hair line. Do not use sharp line on the eyes.

Round Faces

The round faces should be changed a bit as the faces do not look very good with make ups. The jaw line should be changed with a curve with bronzer and the cheek should be applied with heavy touches. You can also make a blush from the center of the cheek bone to the lower portion.

Heart Shape

The heart shape faces contain wide cheek bones. So, you need to blush from the upper portion of the cheek to the bones. Usually the dark colour lipsticks are suitable with such face types.

Oblong Square Faces

Such faces contain wide cheek and forehead. Besides, the jaw line also looks very firm. You can use the makeup like that is applied on the oval faces. Curving the eyebrows is like a bow will make you look better.

Triangular Faces

The triangular faces look better than the other types of faces and the jaw is a bit wider. You can use dust bronzer through your jaw line that will help to make the jaw look narrower. Use neutral lipsticks to bring an attractive look.

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