Doors NYC Launches New York Fashion Week Pop-Up Shops

Doors NYC Launches New York Fashion Week Pop-Up Shops

DOORS NYC is a membership-based e-commerce, PR showroom and experiential brick and mortar retail platform for independent fashion designers, art and beauty brands. Their monthlong NYFW pop-up ‘Metaverse, Schmetaverse’ features fashion brands including Juun J, GCDS and Zilver and New York Fashion Week talents Private Policy and PH5.

Access doors ensure that people with disabilities have easy entrance to your building. They also help comply with NYC building codes.

Online Store is an online store showroom, PR showroom and experiential brick-and-mortar shop that offers independent fashion designers, cult brands and emerging artists opportunities to showcase their work in the US. Launched during the pandemic in 2021, the platform focuses on innovative fashion, art and beauty brands.

DOORS has a proven track record of supporting emerging designer brands by building strong relationships with editors, stylists and influencers across the country. The brand has a robust PR calendar and hosts events including Press Days, Bloggers Breakfasts, Stylist Panels and New York Fashion Week presentations.

The online store showroom of DOORS features a collection of high-quality, edgy fashion pieces from a range of independent designers. The store also houses a selection of accessories and beauty products. The curated selection is constantly evolving. The DOORS team is always on the lookout for edgy artists and designers who break the rules of fashion.

As a part of its PR calendar, DOORS NYC holds monthly webinars and tutorials for fashion designers to help them stay ahead of the curve. The webinars cover topics such as branding, social media and reaching buyers in a post-pandemic world. The company also offers a free online platform called DOORS Academy that provides a comprehensive suite of resources to fashion designers.

In the latest event, fashion editor Alise Trautmane-Uzuner will discuss how to balance inspiration and copying in the world of independent design. The session will be held at the DOORS showroom in SoHo on Tuesday, and will focus on navigating the changing landscape of the fashion industry.

Finnish textile design house Marimekko is opening its doors in New York for the first time since the pandemic closed all its stores. The store is situated in the same space as its previous location, and is designed to be more than just a retail space.

The store will feature a mix of apparel, shoes and accessories from the brand’s main line as well as its Isabel Marant Etoile collection. In addition, the store will host a series of workshops and events. Among them will be a panel discussion with fashion influencers and an Oculus experience by Beautyque NYC, the first 3D multi-brand beauty virtual storefront.

PR Showroom

DOORS NYC PR, a leading luxury fashion showroom in New York City, is a go-to resource for stylists looking to discover emerging and established brands. The agency represents a diverse portfolio of apparel and accessory designers, with collections that exude a cosmopolitan, international flair. Brands represented include Costello Tagliapietra, Nicholas K, Skingraft, Issa London, Noon by Noor, Alice Roi and more. The team of experienced and talented PR professionals and account managers work closely with stylists, influencers and fashion editors to ensure the best possible coverage for their clients.

The agency regularly organizes press events, Bloggers Breakfasts and New York Fashion Week presentations to promote its clients and their latest collections. In addition, the team of creatives manages an active social media presence across all platforms to drive traffic and engagement.

Founder Alise Trautmane-Uzuner has an enviable career and academic curriculum vitae, holding MLE and LLM degrees from the universities of Bologna, Hamburg and Vienna, as well as an AAS in Fashion Marketing from Parsons New School of Design, New York. Her project doors. is an innovative fashion, art and beauty online and physical retail and showcase space for independent talents, launched during the pandemic in 2021.

Wholesale Showroom

DOORS NYC Wholesale Showroom focuses on women’s ready-to-wear apparel, footwear and accessories from independent designers. It offers a curated collection of fashion forward brands that can be found in retail stores and online. The showroom is located at 260 West 39th Street. It works with brands like Crep, Diadora Heritage, IceCream and Tackman.

The Franklin St Showroom was founded over 20 years ago by Steven Alan. It maintains its dedication, professionalism and enthusiastic approach to growing and nurturing emerging designers and established designers introducing their collections throughout the year to retailers catering to fashion lovers all over the world. The showroom deals with women, men and also accessories from different designers as Demylee, Laer, Love Stories, Marissa Webb and Mollusk.

JOOR is the world’s leading B2B digital wholesale platform that seamlessly connects businesses, unleashing global potential and driving sales growth for retailers and brands alike. It enables retailers to manage their entire wholesale business from account setup to payment processing, all while providing advanced visual assortment planning tools and a streamlined ordering experience. The platform is backed by a dedicated team of best-in-class customer support professionals. They help retailers to increase their sales and drive brand loyalty by building relationships with their customers.

Immersive Pop-Up Shop

If you’re looking to create a unique shopping experience for your customers, consider hosting an immersive pop-up shop. These temporary retail spaces offer a fun and memorable experience for your shoppers, as well as photo opportunities that will drive social media engagement and brand awareness.

Aside from offering the latest merch and accessories, many of these immersive pop-up shops also showcase art or culture. For example, the Beatles-themed Style Lab in SoHo combines fashion and music to create a unique experience for fans. Guests can explore the space through iconic Beatles imagery and create photos with a variety of backdrops. The pop-up includes a Abbey Road floor decal that leads guests into the rest of the space, three album decor vignettes that incorporate merchandise, and a 60’s mod lounge. The e-commerce store is also integrated into the space, so fans can easily purchase their favorite band’s newest merch!

Whether you’re celebrating your brand’s anniversary, launching a new product, or promoting a special event, a pop-up can help you increase sales. In addition, a pop-up can offer more flexibility and freedom than a permanent retail space.

For example, if you want to sell your clothing line in a high-end mall, you can easily move the pop-up to another location. This is especially useful for brands that have seasonal collections or limited edition products.

Moreover, a pop-up can be an excellent way to promote a charitable cause. Many companies offer a percentage of their revenue to a charitable event or organization. This is a great way to generate a buzz and show your customers that you care about your community.

Pop-ups can be created in any location, from a traditional brick-and-mortar building to an industrial shipping container. They can even be a virtual space that utilizes 3D technology. For instance, the fashion brand Beekman 1802 recently launched a virtual pop-up in partnership with livestream commerce platform Live Rocket. The event was titled “The Kindness Shop” and featured the brand’s best-selling goat milk soap. The entire event was livestreamed and included giveaways for participants. The company reported that livestream sales accounted for 39% of their total annual sales.

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