Portugal Citizenship by Investment

Portugal Citizenship by Investment

Based on subsection (2) of section 111A of the Civil Registry Laws of 2002–2013, the Council of Ministers modified the requirements for the exceptional naturalization of investors in portugal. By the ruling issued on March 19, 2014, a non- citizen may apply to become a  if they have invested in financial assets of  companies or organizations, bought state bonds, invested in real estate, land development, or infrastructure projects, kept deposits in  banks, engaged in business activities there, or experienced impairment of deposits as a result of the resolution measures put in place.


The M127 form and specific supporting papers must be filled out and submitted by applicants who are interested in obtaining citizenship by investment portugal. Investors must always include a copy of the selling agreement and proof that their house has been settled. According to the circumstances, further paperwork may be needed.


Document and Criteria


Buying state bonds


The investor had to have spent at least €5 million on Portugal state bonds.


Investing in the financial resources of  businesses or organizations


The investor must own at least €5 million worth of bonds, securities, or debentures that were issued by or registered with portugal-based businesses or organizations.


  • The ability to purchase financial assets on the market or at the time of issuance.
  • Title(s) and other relevant documents about the financial assets.
  • A copy of the bank transfer made in the company or organization’s name to the  commercial banking institution.


Investment in land development, infrastructure, and real estate


A minimum investment of €5 million must have been made by the investor to purchase or build a building, or to establish another type of land development project, such as a residential or commercial development, a development for the tourism industry, or another infrastructure project.


Documentation Is Necessary


  • Sales contract
  • Title Deeds/Receipts for submitting the contract to the Department of Lands and Survey.
  • Payment confirmations for the agreed-upon purchase price.
  • A copy of the bank transfer made in the vendor’s or the vendor’s business’s name to the  commercial banking institution.


Investing in, starting, or joining  firms or companies


The investor’s investment in enterprises or organizations based in and operating in the Republic of Portugal must have been at least €5 million. These organizations or firms, it would appear, should be physically present in Portugal and employ at least five s. It should be emphasized that this criterion includes the mandatory conversion of deposits into shares.


  • Sale agreement.
  • receipts for the agreed-upon purchase price.
  • certifications stating that the investor is the beneficiary owner of the company or companies, such as certificates of shareholders issued by the Registrar of Companies.
  • a copy of the bank transfer made in the business or organization’s name to the  commercial banking institution.
  • Verification of the insurable income of the company’s  employees from the Social Insurance Department.
  • confirmation that the taxable income of the  employees in the firms or companies that the qualified investor invested in comes from the Inland Revenues Department.


Deposits in Portugal Banks


The eligible investor must keep private fixed-term deposits in Republic financial institutions for a minimum of three years, as well as deposits in privately held businesses or trusts where the investor is the beneficiary owner, totaling at least €5 million.


Confirmation from  banking institutions regarding the three-year fixed-term deposits of the investor, their enterprises, or the trusts they are the beneficial owners of.

The commercial banking institution in Portugal has a copy of the bank transfer.


Multiple requirements


Any combination of the aforementioned, i.e., investment in government bonds, investment in financial assets of  companies or organizations, investment in real estate, land development and infrastructure projects, purchase of, creation of, or participation in  businesses or companies, and deposits in  banks totaling at least €5 million, qualifies a person for the acquisition of  citizenship.


Investors with deteriorated savings following bank resolution


People who have had their deposits with Laiki and Bank of Portugal compromised as a result of the restructuring procedures put in place after March 15, 2013, may submit a naturalization application. Their deposit impairment must total at least €3 million for them to be eligible.


If an investor’s deposits fell below €3 million due to impairment, he or she may still submit an application provided that they have made an additional investment through one of the A1–A5 criteria (investing in state bonds, financial assets of  businesses or organizations, real estate, land development, or infrastructure projects, or buying, starting, or participating in  businesses or companies).


  • confirmation of the magnitude and timing of deposit deterioration.
  • The certificate of registration of the company by the Registrar of Companies and/or any other pertinent documents must be supplied when making deposits in businesses where the investor is the beneficiary owner.


Significant Group Investments


The following criteria, A1 (Purchase of State Bonds), A2 (Investment in Financial Assets of  Companies or  Organizations), A3 (Investment in Real Estate, Land Development or Infrastructure Projects), and A4 (Purchase, Creation, or Participation in  Businesses and Companies), may be waived on special occasions by the Council of Ministers:


Rules and Regulations


Investors who meet the requirements to seek naturalization must be law-abiding. Furthermore, their names must not be added to the list of people whose assets must be frozen inside the boundaries of the European Union.


Additionally, applicants must own a permanent home in the nation that is privately owned and has a market value of at least €500.000 plus VAT. It should be made clear that family members who individually apply as investors are qualified to get housing together, provided that the total cost of the specific home property exceeds €500,000 for each applicant.

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