Take Advantage Of Motorcycle Exhaust

Take Advantage Of Motorcycle Exhaust

A motorcycle exhaust system does more than just change the way it sounds. It can also boost power and improve fuel efficiency, as well as protect the bike from extreme heat.

Modern systems usually feature multiple pipes that converge at a collector. They’re connected to oxygen sensors that affect engine performance.

Increased Engine Performance

The best motorcycle exhausts are not just for show; they’re engineered to provide horsepower and torque increases. Manufacturers like Yoshimura R&D spend a lot of time, money and dyno testing to develop a system that will increase performance in an acceptable way for street legal use.

A few years ago, power gains from dumping the stock pipes were the main reason for buying an aftermarket system. But nowadays, weight savings and a more appealing appearance are the primary reasons.

The best pipe designs are freer-flowing, allowing the quick venting of the engine, ridding it of excess gasses, and improving its efficiency. Some exhausts use a double wall system that protects the outer visible pipe from excessive temperatures, so it never looks pitted or stained. This can also save a few pounds and reduce backpressure. Other systems use exotic materials, such as carbon fiber and titanium, to shed even more weight. The result is a system that’s extremely light and strong.

Better Fuel Economy

Motorcycle Exhaust Tips | Slip On Shorty Exhaust Mufflers | Radiant Cycles systems can help improve your bike’s fuel economy. A good system will reduce engine pumping losses, which means more power is available to propel your motorcycle at a given throttle opening.

Longer exhausts typically have more volume and a deeper sound than shorter ones. They also tend to be louder and rowdier when accelerating or redlining.

Modern exhausts often consist of a series of header pipes that join into a box-like contraption under the engine, containing a catalytic converter and primary baffling for noise suppression. From there, they may run down to a collector or, in the case of dual exhausts, a 2-1 pipe.

The pipe configuration is designed to manipulate exhaust pressure based on engine rpm. This helps flatten the torque curve, which is beneficial for performance, and it can also be used to meet government sound regulations.

Increased Riding Comfort

In addition to the increased horsepower, performance, and fuel economy benefits of an aftermarket exhaust, it can also improve riding comfort. This is because a louder exhaust can make it easier to hear your engine while you’re driving. It can also help other drivers to notice your presence on the road, which is important for safety.

An aftermarket exhaust system can increase the sound of your motorcycle by replacing the baffles that limit airflow and noise. It can also reduce backpressure and improve the flow of air and fuel. Additionally, it can help to make your bike more aesthetically pleasing by giving it a sleeker look.

You can also get heat wraps that will protect your pipes from excessive heat. These wraps can help prevent the metal from becoming stained by the excess heat that the pipes generate while in use. They are also available in various colors and patterns to match your bike’s style.

Better Sound

Exhaust manufacturers spend a lot of time and money developing an exhaust system that will lend your bike maximum horsepower without sounding too obnoxious. They do this by dynamically manipulating pressure pulses coming off the cylinder heads and modifying them according to engine rpm.

Depending on the materials, diameters and shapes of these pipes, they can also alter the sound quality. For example, short exhausts can produce a louder, deeper sound while longer exhausts are more subdued.

If you’re looking to boost your bike’s sound, the quickest way is to remove the baffles from your stock exhaust or purchase a different aftermarket option. However, you should be aware that doing so can decrease the flow of your motorcycle and increase backpressure. Additionally, it’s important to remember that most exhaust systems are warranted by the manufacturer, and tampering with them can voided your warranty. It’s also a good idea to avoid wrapping your exhaust as it can trap moisture near the pipes and speed up corrosion.

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