The Uncompromising Quality Of Louis Roederer Champagne

The Uncompromising Quality Of Louis Roederer Champagne

Champagne Louis Roederer is a house that uncompromisingly pursues excellence. Its commitment to sustainable viticulture enables it to anticipate the future while adapting to the present. Created for Tsar Alexander II in 1876, Cristal reflects the House’s passion for elegance and purity. It displays ripe apple, creamed pear, brioche, and ginger aromas and flavors.

First-Rate Vineyards

One of the most important parts of the process in Champagne is growing the highest quality grapes. This is why Roederer only uses grapes from their own first-rate vineyards. This method is especially important for their rose styles, which use the saignée method. With this method, a portion of the grape juice intended for red wine is bled off to create the rose style. The result is a crisp and delicious Champagne with ripe apple, creamed pear, lemon, and bread dough flavors. In addition, the wines spend a significant amount of time aging in the cellar.

Founded in 1776, Louis Roederer is one of the rare Champagne houses to remain in family hands. Today, the company is managed by Jean-Claude Rouzaud and his son Frederic who continue the tradition of putting quality before quantity.

First-Rate Winemakers

Champagne Louis Roederer is one of the rare companies that is still family owned and managed. Founded in 1776 in Reims, France, the house has seen tremendous growth while remaining true to their philosophy of “quality before quantity”. Each year, winemakers choose as much as 40% of reserve wines from several lots to be added into each cuvee. This extensive source of top quality wines is unique to Roederer and provides the house with a consistent style. The wines of Roederer are typically aged for 6-8 years before they are released for consumption. This allows for each Champagne to develop a smooth and balanced structure with delicate flavors.

The Champagne house is best known for their luxury cuvee, Cristal, which was commissioned by the Tsar Alexander II of Russia in 1876. Cristal was the first of Champagnes to be bottled in clear glass crystal and this was a feature that the Tsar wanted for security reasons; terrorists would not be able to plant bombs in the punt of the bottle.

First-Rate Cuvees

Founded in 1776 Louis Roederer is one of the rare Champagne houses to have maintained their family ownership. Currently the house has vineyards covering over 450 acres in the finest villages of Montagne de Reims Cotes des Blancs and Vallee de la Marne. The vineyards are all managed with an emphasis on biodiversity and biodynamic cultivation principles. In 1876 a wine-loving Tsar Alexander II asked Louis Roederer to blend a special cuvee for him called Cristal, the first of the modern luxury champagnes. Afraid that he might be poisoned or attacked he insisted on having his champagne shipped in a transparent bottle.

The 2014 Cristal is a remarkable example of how a great Champagne can transcend the individual characteristics of a given vintage. It displays the grace and complexity that Cristal is renowned for with delicate notes of mirabelle plum and lemon meringue pie from the Pinot Noir and profound depth, power and salinity from the Chardonnay.

First-Rate Sustainability

When it comes to Champagne, there are few brands more recognizable than Louis Roederer. Their wines are on the wishlist of any luxurious wine enthusiast, thanks to their incredible balance and quality. While other producers have a strong commitment to sustainability, Louis Roederer takes the idea to a whole new level. They have an entire estate dedicated to organic and biodynamic farming, where they work hand in hand with nature to get the most out of their grapes.

They’ve also embraced renaissance viticulture practices, which is a way of working with nature instead of against it. The grapes for their Collection Champagne come from a combination of their own vineyards and historic partner plots in the heart of the terroir. This approach is a major part of why their wines have such a high reputation around the world.


The commitment to uncompromising quality lies at the heart of Louis Roederer Champagne, elevating it to a pinnacle of excellence. Through meticulous grape selection, time-honored techniques, and a legacy of craftsmanship, each bottle embodies a legacy that spans generations. By embracing Louis Roederer Champagne, you not only savor a symphony of flavors but also become a part of a timeless tradition that celebrates the artistry and dedication behind every drop.


What factors contribute to the exceptional quality of Louis Roederer Champagne?

The exceptional quality of Louis Roederer Champagne is a result of several factors. The house owns its vineyards, enabling precise control over grape quality. Hand harvesting and meticulous grape selection ensure only the finest grapes are used. The use of oak barrel aging adds complexity, while longer aging periods contribute to the refined character of the champagnes.

Is Louis Roederer Champagne suitable for aging, or should it be enjoyed young?

Louis Roederer Champagne is renowned for its aging potential. While some cuvées are delightful when young, many benefit from extended aging, allowing their flavors to evolve and mature. Prestige cuvées like Cristal are particularly well-suited for aging, as they develop greater complexity and depth over time, making them excellent choices for collectors or those seeking a special bottle for significant occasions.

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