Why Students’ Environmental Clubs Dedicated to Students

Why Students’ Environmental Clubs Dedicated to Students

Founded in 2010, the Environmental Protection Club is a club dedicated to educating students on the benefits of environmental protection and conservation. Members are also involved in activities that promote sustainability. For example, they have attended conferences and workshops. In addition, they have participated in several environmental projects such as planting trees, recycling, and conducting environmental audits. These activities have led to an increase in the students’ knowledge of environmental issues.

Students for Sustainability

If you are in SQM Club Whether you are interested in ecology, environmental education, outdoor adventure, or community recreation, there is a student club for you. Many groups are registered under the Office of Sustainability, the Pace Center for Civic Engagement, or the Dean of Undergraduate Students.

Students for Sustainability (SFS) is an ASUA student government club that works to advance environmental literacy, institutionalized sustainability, and social justice. SFS’s leaders want to protect the environment and reduce the effects of global climate change. They offer a variety of services to the community. Some of the programs they offer include volunteering and consulting projects.

Columbia Aquanauts

Located on the Columbia University campus, the Columbia Aquanauts club is a student-led initiative devoted to the art and science of water conservation. The club engages industry experts and students from across the campus to identify and develop the most effective solutions to water related problems. They also offer internships and consulting projects. In addition to their green initiatives, the club also participates in multilateral negotiations to influence international policy.

One of the Columbia Aquanauts most notable accomplishments was their participation in the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris. The group was among the most active in the conference, and they took the prize for best student organization.

Allen High School

Among the many clubs and activities at Allen High School is the Environmental protection club. This philanthropic group of students develops and implements creative ideas for improving the health of our community and the environment. Among other things, the group carries out local clean-up initiatives.

The group has a small but growing membership. Its main goal is to educate students on environmental conservation, sustainability and stewardship. They hold various activities, including a “fun run” for students to raise money for a local charity. They also offer volunteer opportunities to high school students and adults.

Columbia Journal of Environmental Law

Founded in 1972 with a grand total of a Ford Foundation grant, the Journal of Environmental Law has a long history of producing high-quality legal publications. The most notable of these are its two print editions and its flagship online publication. The Journal of Environmental Law has also managed to garner a reputation as a student-driven publication. As such, the students are often entrusted with the duties of managing subscriptions and editing the journal’s prestigious print edition. In fact, the Journal of Environmental Law has a reputation as the most student-driven law review in the country.

New York Water Environment Association

Founded in 1929, the New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA) is an environmental protection club with more than 2,500 members across New York and New Jersey. Its members include local and state government officials, biologists, civil and environmental engineers, and chemists. They are all concerned with protecting water resources. The association holds annual spring meetings in Ithaca, New York, and works with local groups to prepare materials for public distribution.

New York State is relying on outdated water quality standards that do not protect swimmers, educators, and students. In order to protect New Yorkers’ health, the state must adopt modern water quality standards. The EPA must also take action to address the problem.


SproutUp is an environmental education program that provides the feisty feisty feisty by feisty feisty. Sprout Up is a well oiled machine with over 650 volunteers and 50 schools across the metroplex. One of the best parts is that the organization is a no-brainer for students of all ages. Aside from providing some of the best education in town, SproutUp is a fun and rewarding organization to be involved with. The organization has a lot to offer to students of all ages and there are many opportunities for students to explore.

Gallatin’s Science Technology Arts + Creativity

Throughout the year, Gallatin’s Science Technology Arts + Creativity and Environmental protection club sponsors Evening in Science, an event that promotes STEM education. This event provides students with an opportunity to learn hands-on about science, and develop real-world application skills. It is also an opportunity for students to learn more about Gallatin and the interdisciplinary programs it offers.

The Gallatin School of Individualized Study is an interdisciplinary college that meets students’ specific interests and career goals. As an integral part of the New York University system, the Gallatin School offers a number of programs.

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