Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Health Coaching with Vince Pitstick

Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Health Coaching with Vince Pitstick

People hire health coaches to help them with a wide range of health issues like weight loss, stress reduction, addiction, or chronic illness management. When it comes to our health, we should never compromise, which makes choosing the right wellness coach imperative. Also, the job of a health coach requires them to be completely honest and passionate enough to change the life of their mentees.

According to Vince Pitstick, a renowned health coach in the USA, taking ownership of your job as a mentor is the key. As a leading health entrepreneur and functional nutritionist, he has dedicated his life to helping people achieve their potential through fitness, nutrition, and functional medicine. He is set to accomplish this goal sailing on three of his top businesses – Nutrition Dynamic, NuEthix Formulations, and Metabolic Mentor University. One of the ways he is set to achieve his dream of a healthier America is through the education and empowerment of health coaches.

Never give advice without any scientific proof

Vince shares that being a health coach is not easy at all; you have to be very careful as you make decisions that will change someone’s life and affect their overall well-being. According to him, a health coach must first educate their client about their work and share details with them on how they will help them in their transformation. Vince says that one of the biggest nos as a health coach is to give advice without any scientific proof. He advises coaches to avoid making health claims without a scientific basis.

Have open discussions

Vince believes that a health coach should always ask their clients questions about their medications, history of illness, what diet plan they are currently following, and who was their consultant before them. According to Vince, a detailed discussion can help a coach understand their client’s physical and mental standing. But he also says that a health coach should never prescribe any supplement to their client, they can recommend them but legally, they are not allowed to prescribe any nutrition supplements.

Empower, educate and motivate

According to Vince, a health coach should always empower and motivate their clients. Most of the time, when a client comes to a health coach, it is after they have tried everything and are unable to get any results. Vince says, in that case, you need to have an open discussion with your clients and be straightforward with them. You can share your personal journey with them; this can help them understand things from a different perspective.

Vince is one of the best health coaches in the USA and an inspiration for all who want to become one. He believes that a client must think of a coach as a trustworthy and reliable person. Health coaches need to have a transparent and honest relationship with their clients. It is known that when you are with someone you trust, you won’t feel uncomfortable talking to them about your mental and physical health. He firmly believes that having open discussions with clients and educating them about their illness and their transformation can change their lives completely. That remains a priority of all health coaches.

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