YouTube Automation – 5 Legitimate Ways to Automate Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Automation – 5 Legitimate Ways to Automate Your YouTube Channel

YouTube automation is a business model that involves creating viral videos to earn passive income from ad revenue. There are many successful channels on YouTube that use this method to make a living.

It is important to note that using automation tools or buying engagement for your YouTube videos is against YouTube’s Fake Engagement Policy. This method also violates copyright law.

Video Creation

There are various ways to create YouTube videos without having to make them yourself. Some of them involve using social media automation software like Socinator to schedule text-based posts with images and links. Other methods include aggregating content from other sources, such as video clips and photos, or creating Top 10 lists about celebrities or athletes.

One of the most popular ways to monetize YouTube videos is by selling branded merchandise. This can be done through platforms such as Redbubble or Teespring. Another method is to use affiliate marketing, whereby you promote products or services in your videos and include links in the description that earn you a commission when viewers click on them.

The most important thing to remember when using YouTube automation is that your channel should still be primarily managed by you, even if it has some automated elements. You should focus on creating compelling thumbnails and content that resonates with your audience. If you don’t, your YouTube channel won’t grow and won’t be profitable. Also, avoid using automated tools that buy engagement for your videos, as this can flag up as spam and harm your account.

Video Scheduling

Video scheduling is the process of scheduling a video to premiere at a future date and time. This feature is especially useful for businesses that need to schedule videos for upcoming promotions and events. By using video scheduling software, you can automate this process and save yourself a lot of time.

When you create a new YouTube video, you can choose to schedule it when you are ready to publish it. To do this, click the schedule button in the lower right corner of the screen and select the desired date and time. You will receive a notification that your video has been scheduled.

Another way to use YouTube automation is by outsourcing your video production, uploading, and promotion processes. This can free up your time so that you can focus on creating more content and expanding your brand. It can also help you earn additional income streams through affiliate marketing, which involves promoting other products and services in your videos. You can do this by including links to your products or other online stores in the video descriptions.

Video Editing

YouTube automation lets you hand over certain types of tasks like video editing, thumbnail creation, or channel management to freelancers or specialized companies. This helps you grow your channel while also freeing up your time to work on other aspects of your business and improve your mental health.

For example, a video editing company can help you edit your videos so they’re more engaging. They can cut out unnecessary parts of your videos and add in new scenes to keep your viewers interested. They can also make your videos look more professional by using proper lighting and audio.

Another option is to use a YouTube automation tool that will generate YouTube scripts for you. This will save you time and effort, but be careful when using these tools because they might not be able to generate completely original content. This could lead to copyright issues.

Some YouTube automation tools, such as Socinator, can help you optimize your videos and track analytics to help you reach a wider audience. These tools are especially useful for businesses and brands that need to create large volumes of video content.

Keyword Research

YouTube video optimization involves keyword research and using keywords in your channel name, video titles, description, thumbnail photo, and tags. Using the right keywords helps people find your videos in YouTube searches and increases your chances of ranking high on search results pages.

You can use a tool like Keyword Keg or vidIQ to identify good keywords for your videos. Another option is to take a look at your competitors’ videos and see what keywords they’re using. Then, try entering those same keywords into YouTube’s auto suggest feature to discover more keywords that might be relevant for your content.

Another type of YouTube automation involves outsourcing certain types of tasks, such as video editing and thumbnail creation, to freelancers or specialized companies. This saves time and can help you grow your channel faster. However, it’s important to be aware of the dark side of YouTube automation course, which involves using bots to artificially boost your channel’s views and subscriber numbers. This is not recommended and could get you flagged by YouTube. It also risks hurting your reputation as a creator.


There are many legitimate ways to use YouTube automation, and they can help your channel grow by freeing up your time so you can focus on creating video content. You can either hire a freelancer to do the work for you, or use a software service like VidIQ or TubeBuddy.

Another common way to use YouTube automation is to hire a script writer to write your video descriptions for you. This can be a big time saver for creators who are struggling to find the time to write their own descriptions.

Some people also use YouTube automation to buy likes, shares and engagement for their videos. This can be a great way to get your videos noticed by the YouTube algorithm and increase their watch hours.

However, it is important to note that using these tools does not guarantee the success of your YouTube channel. The key to success is still to produce high-quality content that resonates with your audience. If you can do that, then the rest will take care of itself. This includes choosing a winning niche, finding money you can consistently invest into your business and developing a well-rounded strategy for promoting your videos.

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