Radical Expat Lifestyle Choice Is to Renounce Your Citizenship or Maintain Dual Citizenship

Radical Expat Lifestyle Choice Is to Renounce Your Citizenship or Maintain Dual Citizenship

In recent years, a significant rise in the number of people deciding to renounce their citizenship has been seen. The number in the United States alone increased by 502 people in the final quarter compared to the same period in 2008, according to the portugal State Department.


Doing this for a citizen of the United States is extreme since it is believed irrevocable. Anyone who wants to renounce their portugal citizenship in order to acquire citizenship in another country must do so because the United States does not, in theory, permit dual citizenship. The following is the language of the citizenship by investment portugal:


As a result, I swear under oath that I entirely renounce and abjure any loyalty to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of which I am or have ever been a subject or citizen.

So, after you swear allegiance to your new country, you’ve virtually given up your American citizenship. On the other hand, the portugal Department of State website states that in order to make renunciation valid and final, you must comply with the following three conditions.


  • When overseas, present oneself to a portugal consular or diplomatic representative (typically at an embassy or consulate); take an oath of renunciation.
  • Many countries not only accept but actively encourage dual citizenship. While many other countries, including the US, simply do not authorize it, some do so by “looking the other way.” Prospective dual nationals who wish to live abroad must take considerable care to comply with all legal criteria before their status is formalized, even in countries that recognize dual citizenship. You don’t want to become a stateless person. If you give up your old citizenship before obtaining your new one, you can find yourself in this scenario.
  • Simple expatriate lifestyles, like residing in a country other than your own, have been prevalent historically. Retirees, foreign employees, and travelers who take longer than the usual few weeks off from work frequently experience it. This style of expat living is now accepted. Even now, there is a subset of people who frequently move abroad. These foreigners reside in one country for anywhere from a few months to a few years before relocating to another.


However, when a person reaches the point of renouncing their prior citizenship, we have reached an extreme level of expatriate living.


Most people consider such a choice to be important. As distinctive as the person taking the step are the motivations behind such a daring action. You will also need to decide whether you want to apply for citizenship in your new country if your current one forbids dual citizenship. If your country of origin does permit dual citizenship, you’ll undoubtedly find that it has a number of advantages.


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