Study Association for Econometrics and Operations Research

Study Association for Econometrics and Operations Research

Founded in 2007, the Karket Study Association for Econometrics and Operations Research is a non-profit, student-run organization aimed at building a community of students, professionals and academics in the field of mathematical science. It is made up of students from the University of Amsterdam, the University of Rotterdam and Maastricht University. Its main goal is to promote the study of econometrics and operations research in the Netherlands and abroad. The association also organizes seminars and conferences.

Students from the University of Amsterdam

Several study associations are active at the University of Amsterdam. Each one of them organises a variety of activities. These may include formal activities, such as conferences, study trips or career events. These are meant to give students the opportunity to explore their interests and get to know each other.

The Econometric Institute is one such association. It has been around for over half a century and celebrates its anniversary this year. The Econometric Institute has a conference on May 27 at the C-hall on the Woudenstein campus.

Another study association that is active at the University of Amsterdam is Kraket. This study association organizes a big study trip every two years. It includes visits to companies abroad as well as the Turkish central bank. It also organizes a variety of smaller events and activities. One of its most notable achievements is the Econometric Game.

The Econometric Game is a competition that consists of two days of case study work and team competition. During the competition, the top 10 teams will continue to work on the case until the winner is crowned.

Students from Maastricht University

SCOPE | Vectum, the study association for students at Maastricht University, was formerly known as the Verenigde Econometristen Uit Maastricht. The association joined SCOPE, the Economics School, in 2011. The former association was a founding member of the Dutch Society for Operations Research and Econometrics.

The Operations Research (OR) group focuses on fundamental theoretical research for improving decision making in business. Members have backgrounds in econometrics, mathematics and computer science. Their research focuses on predicting financial trends, examining economic trends in general and understanding how people’s behaviour affects the market. The group also works on applications of OR to logistics and transport.

The Econometrics and Operations Research group works in a global setting. Its members are based in Maastricht and other countries. They use mathematical and statistical expertise to sift through mountains of economic data.

The Econometrics and Operation Research Group at Maastricht University is dedicated to research on predicting financial trends, understanding people’s behaviour and the impact of global economic trends on the economy. The group also addresses issues of demographic change and sustainability. It translates research into practice and engages with businesses and organisations.

Students from Rotterdam

During the study period, students from Rotterdam study association for Econometrics and Operations Research (FAECTOR) organises various events. These events help students to expand their knowledge and acquire soft skills. FAECTOR also organises social events that help students to connect with other students from different study phases.

BSc Econometrics and Operations Research (EOR) is a programme that combines actuarial science with mathematical economics and statistical methods. The study program is designed to provide students with an extensive modelling toolkit. The programme also provides students with an opportunity to practise their modelling skills.

FAECTOR is a student association for econometrics students at Erasmus University Rotterdam. FAECTOR aims to create a student experience that enriches the life of all econometricians. FAECTOR also organises events to connect students with employers. These events include career events, social events, sport tournaments, and ski trips.

FAECTOR organizes introduction camps for students starting with Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research (EOR). These camps give students a chance to get to know the econometrics and operations research field and introduce them to FAECTOR.

Activities for students

Getting involved in activities for students at Study association for Econometrics and Operations Research is a great way to meet your peers and learn about life as a graduate student. Throughout the semester, there are many different activities that you can participate in.

You can participate in several different types of activities, including guest lectures, sport-tournaments, cultural activities, and much more. If you have questions about your studies, you can contact your student ambassadors. They will be able to answer your questions and give you more information about student life.

VESTING is a student association for students of econometrics and operations research at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. The group has over 600 members. Its purpose is to bridge the gap between theory and practice. VESTING organises several activities for its members, including a yearly recruitment event. The group also hosts a large alumni network.

The Econometrics and Operations Research program is a highly ranked programme. The program teaches students how to use econometric and operations research methods to analyze economic data. The program also focuses on making decisions based on mathematical and statistical methods. Students will work on group assignments and do case studies.

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