Why Should You Use Ski Goggles?

Why Should You Use Ski Goggles?

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to protect your eyes from the sun all year round, not just in the summer. The same goes for snowboarding and skiing! Wearing sunglasses while skiing or snowboarding will protect you from UV rays, but not all winter elements. If you enjoy winter sports, investing in a pair of nice ski goggles from CA Glasses is a good idea. This text explains why we recommend wearing ski goggles when skiing.

Can I snowboard without ski goggles?

Ski or snowboard goggles are a must, but technically not allowed. There are many technical explanations, but the short version is that it’s too cold to ski without goggles. When you’re skiing 10 to 20 mph or more, the cold wind hits your face and it’s easy to tear up. Without glasses, the cold wind hitting your face is terrifying. Because the eye is a sensitive organ. There’s usually some form of wind, not to mention that mountain wind you’re in.

Why wear ski goggles?

  1. Limit Glare

When skiing or snowboarding, clear vision is essential to avoid accidents. This can be achieved by using special goggle lenses. Polarised or dark lenses are recommended, especially on sunny bright days. The wearer does not have to squint to see well as it reduces reflected glare. Even better are the photochromic lenses. It is highly sensitive to light and adapts its shading properties to the sun’s rays.

  1. Increase Contrast

Contrast is important in winter sports.

Amber, brown, and pink lenses add contrast. If the sky is overcast or the trail is softly lit, amber lenses are the way to go. Brown lenses are the most adaptable as they can be worn in different weather conditions. In sunny and hot weather, it can reduce sunlight glare and improve contrast. Reduces the intensity of blue light waves and improves the clarity and depth of greenery such as trees and bushes. Pink lenses, on the other hand, work well in hazy and cloudy weather.

  1. Protection from frost and dirt

Cold temperatures can cause itching and pain. In addition, skiing and snowboarding are exposed to the wind for a long time. Prescription Ski Goggles protect your eyes from fine particles and cold winds and allow you to see clearly everywhere. No special lenses are required for snowboarding or night skiing. Clear lenses are enough and won’t affect your vision in low light.

  1. Never Fall Eye Protection

Winter sports require high speeds and can easily fall over if items are not properly secured. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from UV rays while snowboarding, but they are not the best eye protection. You need some nice polycarbonate ski goggles. Choose anti-fog lenses

The frame should be supple and supple to conform to the shape of your face. The elastic band should be thick enough to keep the glasses in place.

  1. Protects you from flying objects.

You never know what you’ll encounter when you ski or snowboard down a mountain. Also, you may not have enough time to avoid flying debris and dust getting in your way. Properly used ski goggles should have a seal around the eyes to prevent small dust particles from getting into the eyes. This is very important if you are night skiing as darkness can affect your visibility.

What should be considered when choosing ski goggles?

You need to find glasses that fit comfortably. If the goggles are too tight, your vision will be obstructed by condensation and reduced airflow. Conversely, if it is too loose in snow or wind, it may be difficult to see. Also look for ski goggles with UV protection and anti-fog lenses. It is also important to choose goggles with adequate ventilation and ventilation to prevent lens fogging.

The number one recommendation is to try a few different looks to find which one suits your face best.This ensures that your skiing experience is as comfortable as possible.


At higher altitudes, the air is thinner and less UV rays penetrate. Snow reflects the sun brighter and stronger. Wind can irritate your eyes and blur your vision. If you fall into the forest, you may find pieces of ice and twigs in your eyes. Protecting your eyes from these mountain hazards with ski and snowboard goggles can make your vacation more enjoyable.

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